Playing SPENT

SPENT is an interactive game where you play as an American citizen where your goal is to survive for a month with some money left. I personally survived 30 days with $1.585 left on my bank account. There were a lot of difficult choices that I had to make, and it really made me think …

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Visit from the US Embassy

Today we got a visit from the US embassy in Oslo. The security officer held a presentation about US culture compared to other cultures and about his hometown and schools in the US. He started the presentation by telling us about the different cultures in the US and how there are so many nationalities in …

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Ellis Island

Ellis Island was an immigration station in New York where more than 12 million immigrants made their first stop in America in search of the American dream. Most of the people that arrived at Ellis Island had traveled all the way from eastern and western Europe and seek a better life in America. The ships …

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