Skyping About Climate Change

In the English lesson today we had two Skype calls with two other classes from other countries. One from India and one from Israel. We talked about global warming and how it affects their country. Skyping The students we talked with in India went to 8. grade and they were 13 years old. They went …

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Fact vs Fear – Brexit

Explain the title Facts vs Fear. The title "Fact vs Fear" means that many people in the UK have voted to leave the EU because of fear, not because of facts. For example, people are scared of immigrants taking their jobs, doing criminality and taking their houses. When in reality the UK actually needs immigration. …

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Spare Parts

We have just watched the movie Spare Parts. The movie was about four Latino high school students from Carl Hayden High School in the USA participating in an underwater robotics competition. What surprised me was that the movie was based on a true story. One of the things that surprised me the most was the …

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