Spare Parts

We have just watched the movie Spare Parts. The movie was about four Latino high school students from Carl Hayden High School in the USA participating in an underwater robotics competition.

What surprised me was that the movie was based on a true story. One of the things that surprised me the most was the difficulties the students had, and that they were smuggled across the border between Mexico and USA when they were children.

Since the students lived in a poor area, they had some economic problems when building the robot. For example, they had to use cheap motors instead of quality motors, and they had to use a normal camera instead of one that was waterproof. The students from the other school did not have any economic problems, so they could just focus on the building part. Carl Hayden High School had to focus on the economic problems, as well as building the robot. Carl Hayden High School used around 800$ while Massachusetts Institute of Technology used around 18 000$ on their robot.

Robots are getting more and more useful in our everyday world. For example, a robot in a Chinese hospital predicted that patients would wake up of a coma in a year, while seven doctors thought that they would not. All the patients woke up. That says something about how important robots can be in the future. Another place where robots can be useful is in areas where humans cant be. A new robot in Japan has been designed to navigate through radioactive environments in nuclear plants.


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